IO3 Control Facility (TJ Meenach CSO)

This project consists of the construction of approximately 1.4 million gallon

underground concrete CSO tank with mechanical and electrical facilities, including

sewer pumps and force main, +27,050 cubic yards of structural excavation including

haul, +10,560 cubic yards of borrow (various types), shoring, construction of the

Cochran stormwater treatment and infiltration facilities, roadway construction with

excavation and embankment, +2,200 linear feet of storm and CSO sewer installation,

+1,350 linear feet of water main installation, sidewalk and curb installation,

communication and electrical conduit installation, +7,500 square yards of 3-inch thick

& 5.5-inch thick HMA pavement, gravel trail and pedestrian pathway construction,

landscaping and irrigation work, sundry utility adjustments, and other related

miscellaneous items.


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11 - Appendix Z - Payment Items.pdf

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