Kootenai County Fire & Rescue Station 3

SCOPE OF WORK: The project includes a tenant improvement of the existing Kootenai County Fire and Rescue Station #3. The project scope is divided into four separate parts. Part one is the conversion of two existing dorms into 6 individual dorms. Part two of the project is the replacement of the existing kitchen cabinets and a partial reconfiguration to accommodate a new pantry. Part three is the removal of more of the existing carpet and tile as shown in the plans and replace with a luxury wood look sheet vinyl. The fourth part of the project is a repaint of all the existing walls except rooms noted on the plans. The electrical, mechanical, fire sprinkler and fire alarm are all design build. The contractor is responsible for design and construction of these four trades. Electrical, Fire sprinkler, and fire alarm Approvals and permits are to be the contractor’s responsibility. Electrical, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm permit cost are to be included in bid.

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