Tertiary Treatment Phase 2 Improvements

SCOPE OF WORK: Provide all labor, equipment, materials, and services to construct and commence operation of the City of Coeur d'Alene Wastewater Department Tertiary Treatment Phase 2 project including modify the existing Primary Scum Pumping Stations; construct the new Primary Clarifier 3; modify the existing Primary Sludge Pumping Station; construct the new Secondary Clarifier 3; construct the new Secondary Control Building 2; construct the new Scum Pumping Station; modify the Chemical Systems Center; modify the existing Secondary Effluent Pumping Station; modify the Tertiary Membrane Filtration Facility; install a new Owner-furnished submerged membrane operating system; install relocated Owner-furnished instruments; site demolition and construction of all associated site improvements, landscaping, and site perimeter fencing; construct site improvements; perform all other associated yard piping, shoring of existing structures and utilities, civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and instrumentation work required for a completely operational system as specified within the forthcoming Project Manual; and paying all associated state and local taxes, complete.

CDA T2 Addendum 4.pdf
CDA T2 Addendum 1.pdf
CDA_TT2_Vol1_Specs Div 00 to 13_For Bid (2016-11-14) - Certified.pdf
CDA_TT2_Vol2_Specs Div 22 to 46_For Bid (2016-11-14) - Certified.pdf
CDA_TT2_Vol4_Standard Details_For Bid (2016-11-14) - Certified.pdf
CDA_TT2_Vol5_Assigned Contract Info_For Bid (2016-11-14) - Certified.pdf
CDA_TT2_Vol3_Drawings_For Bid (2016-11-14) - Certified.pdf

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